What is the difference between Disclosing and Reporting?

  • Disclosing: Refers to a victim/survivor or a witness sharing information about an incident of sexual violence to a member of the campus community to access services and supports. A formal disclosure does not result in an internal investigation*
  • Reporting: Refers to a victim/survivor sharing information about an incident of sexual violence for the purpose of an investigation by StFX and/or an external investigation by the RCMP.  Anyone considering making a formal report for the purpose of an internal investigation should contact the SVPRA.  To report to the RCMP please call 911 or the Antigonish RCMP detachment at 902-863-6500. 

*Disclosures or reports of sexual violence which involve employees of StFX University as the alleged perpetrator are required to be forwarded to the StFX Human Resources Department for follow-up and potential investigation under the applicable disciplinary process for employees.  The SVPRA is also obligated to report serious risks to the safety and security of the broader campus community.