Advising for Students of African Descent

Office for Students of African Descent 

The Office for Students of African Descent is open to all members of the St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) community. Any student, regardless of race, culture or creed is welcomed to participate in the activities and make use of advising services where appropriate.  Students are welcomed to study, read, relax, and connect with other students.


Role of the Coordinator of African Descent Affairs

In it’s broadest sense, the role of the Coordinator of African Descent Affairs is to promote the diversified culture of African-Nova Scotian, African-Canadian, African-Caribbean and African students at StFX.  More specifically, he/she works in partnership with the university and community to ensure that students of African descent are supported, guided and encouraged in making the transition and adjustment to the challenges of University life.  We also work to connect students with resources and services that help to facilitate their academic success while at StFX and into their careers.



In addition to providing assistance with all aspects of their university life, the Coordinator of African Descent affairs also works to:

  • Provide direction and advice on time management, organization, study skills, and other aspects of university life
  • Assist students with course content, assignments and tutoring services
  • Connect students with volunteering opportunities, peer mentors, career mentorship, and other services within the wider community
  • Provide financial information and assistance where possible
  • Work with other stakeholders to facilitate events that promote culture and diversity at StFX
  • Advocate, mediate and liaison on behalf of all students of African descent on culturally sensitive issues as well as academic issues
  • We also provide a lounge space where students can study, relax, read, or talk.


  • Financial assistance
  • Employment information
  • Community Organizations Network
  • Graduate degrees information (Law, MEd, PhD, Sciences)
  • Connection to other student networks and society
  • Mentorship and coaching
  • Volunteering options
  • Newletters and much more



Summer-Joy Upshaw
Coordinator of African Descent Affairs

433 Bloomfield Centre | P.O. Box 52

St. Francis Xavier University | P.O. Box 5000
Antigonish | Nova Scotia | B2G 2W5
P: 902.867.5455 | E: