Aboriginal Student Advising

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Pjila'si! Tansi! Hadhi! N"it!

The Coordinator of Aboriginal Student Affairs works within Student Life and in partnership with regional Aboriginal communities to ensure Aboriginal students are supported and connected to their learning environment- academically, culturally and socially. We assist Aboriginal students in making the transition and adjustment to the challenges of University life while creating an awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal culture and history in the greater campus community.

The Coordinator of Aboriginal Student Affairs is committed to enhancing Aboriginal student experience by providing support, guidance and encouragement in the pursuit of educational success.

The Coordinator of Aboriginal Student Affairs also advocates on behalf of Aboriginal students at StFX and provides assistance with many aspects of student life through the following services:

  • Provide direction concerning time management, organization, course selection/work load, study and writing skills
  • Assist students with writing papers, assignments, readings and discussing course content
  • Provide information about bursaries and scholarships; assists with application process
  • Advocate for students on a variety of issues such as discrimination/harassment; cultural exclusion; academic issues and concerns
  • Act as a liaison between the University, Aboriginal education organizations and/or individual bands.


The Aboriginal Student Resource Lounge is available in 313 Bloomfield Centre for students’ use. It is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and coffee-maker for the convenience of students traveling or living off-campus. The Lounge also houses a computer, printer and phone. The lounge offers a quiet place to study or just to relax. There are a number of Aboriginal newspapers available, such as Windspeaker, Mi’kmaq-Maliseet News, and Anishinabek News, as well as other resources.


Student Society: The Aboriginal Students @ X Society strives to create a spirit of friendship and partnership with both the university community and the surrounding Mi’kmaq communities. We are here to support and encourage one another and celebrate and promote our culture.

The Coordinator of Aboriginal Student Affairs works in conjunction with the recruitment and admissions office to provide a thorough and personal campus tour for a variety of interested groups and individuals:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Adult Education/Training Programs
  • Any other interested applicants

Campus tours can be personalized to suit each group/individual interest.

We will also attend school Career and Education Fairs. Call us to see how we can help in your school.


Contact Information:

Terena Francis
Coordinator of Aboriginal Student Affairs
105 Coady International Institute - West Wing
St. Francis Xavier University | P.O. Box 5000
Antigonish | Nova Scotia | B2G 2W5
P: 902.867.5413 | E: tfrancis@stfx.ca