Copyright Information

In light of StFX’s decision to opt out of the Access Copyright License, please note that the STFX Store is now relying on fair dealing limits for coursepack clearance. Fair dealing limits are being interpreted according to the Copyright Act and the University’s Copyright Policy (under production).

As a general term of reference, the guidelines allow for copying of 10% of a copyright-protected work, or the following, whichever is greater.
• One chapter from a book,
• A single article from a periodical,
• An entire artistic work (including a painting, print, photograph, diagram, drawing, map, chart, and plan) from a copyright-protected work containing other artistic works,
• An entire newspaper article or page,
• An entire single poem or musical score from a copyright-protected work containing other poems or musical scores,
• An entire entry from an encyclopedia, annotated bibliography, dictionary or similar reference work.

Fair dealing does NOT cover the reproduction of entire “out of print” books. If you wish to use material beyond fair dealing limits, we require a minimum of 8 weeks lead time each term the work is required so that we can secure permission directly from the publisher.

Please, forward coursepack questions to and copyright inquiries to .

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