“This experience helped me to apply my academic learning to a real situation in a natural setting. By being able to apply theory to an actual setting, I feel that my understanding of theory is improved and more defined.”

“The combination of course-work and hands-on service forced me to examine certain preconceptions I held and reevaluate the way I look at certain issues.”

“Students researched projects, analyzed and presented information that needed to be done, but which were beyond the abilities and time of our volunteers…The students offered us valuable information to assist our decision-making about the future.”

“Many of the programs that the students assisted with during their placement would not have been possible without their assistance.”

“Student participation in the Service Learning program has proven to be a valuable adjunct to classroom education, in addition to providing students with direct service experience which can benefit future career options. Having students describe their experiences for classmates enhances everyone’s learning.”

“Service Learning provides me with the opportunity to apply the textbook material I want to cover to real-life examples.”