Immersion Service Learning - Testimonials

Student Testimonials
"My Immersion Service Learning experience was incredible. It opened my eyes to aspects of life I didn't even know existed. I wouldn't consider my education complete without including my time in Immersion."

"This Immersion Service Learning trip was an amazing time and I now realize that there is so much more to life than what my immediate surroundings and social life can offer. By learning about other cultures and other ways of life, the possibility of a positive global community becomes more of a reality. You have to experience other cultures; it is not enough to read about them in a text book."

“Immersion Service Learning has allowed me to understand what is actually happening to people in developing countries. I now realize there are real people behind all the news stories and statistics we hear at home.”

“My Immersion experience has sparked me to learn more about the global community and not just the community I am directly in contact with.”

Faculty Leader Testimonials
“In my view the (Immersion) experience both for myself and everyone else was delightfully memorable. Students learned as they had never learned before --- about issues of social justice and historical injustices, about another culture, about their own world and about themselves.”
Professor Jim Taylor, English

“The Immersion program provides a unique opportunity to gain first-hand insight into the factors contributing to inequality. The staff at the partner agency do an excellent job of enabling our students to learn about what life is like in Mexico and to reconsider their own socio-economic environment, in light of the experience.”
Professor Monica Diochon, Business