Service Learning Benefits

Service Learning has a positive impact on students, community and the university.


  • engage in self-directed active learning,
  • use critical thinking and problem solving skills,
  • broaden personal awareness of community and community organizations,
  • increase their understanding of community development,
  • contribute to the community.
  • develop reflection skills on issues of social responsibility and,
  • explore career options.

Community benefits:

  • Fosters collaboration between university and community.
  • Extends campus academic and human resources into the community.
  • Raises the profile of community groups.
  • Adds student perspectives to the delivery of social programs.
  • Increases the potential for more knowledgeable future employees.
  • Brings energy and enthusiasm to existing programming.

University benefits:

  • Encourages innovation in teaching practices.
  • Enriches the teaching and learning process.
  • Brings an added dimension to classroom discussion.
  • Provides diversity of learning opportunities for students.
  • Communities serve as an alternative learning setting.
  • Provides an avenue to university-community research partnerships.
  • Strengthens community-university relations.