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logoAn innovative way to integrate experiential learning, academic study and community service. Building upon StFX's tradition of social responsibility and bringing a philosophy of outreach to the undergraduate academic experience, Course Based and Immersion are two aspects of the program that provide students with a variety of experience options.                                                                                   

 Making Education More Holistic
“One way of making education more holistic is to get outside the classroom and off the campus. It interrupts the programming that twelve years of classroom conditioning automatically call up; the change in environment changes everything. The class becomes a social unit; students become more fully rounded human beings not just people who either know the answer or don’t know it. Inside the classroom, it’s one kind of student that dominates; outside, it’s another. Tying course content to the world outside offers a real-world site for asking theoretical questions; it answers students need to feel that their education is good for something other than a grade point average. And it begins to address the problem of the student who has no conception of what is possible after graduation…”
From A Life in School by Jane Tompkins, Duke University, Addison Wesley Longman, 199

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