Pathy Foundation Fellowship

Pathy Fellowship

The Pathy Foundation Fellowship is an intensive 12-month opportunity for graduating students from five partner universities who have an existing meaningful connection with a community anywhere in the world and an innovative initiative idea to strengthen that community. Fellows are provided with comprehensive training, dedicated ongoing support, and up to $40,000 to make a sustainable impact in their chosen community and to support their growth as active and effective leaders and change-makers. 

Elements fundamental to a strong application are: a strong connection with a community through previous experience and existing connections, an interesting and innovative project proposal, and an exceptional candidate with capacity to grow as a leader. 

A fully developed plan is not needed when applying, but candidates should have an innovative idea of something that could strengthen their chosen community, or a connection to a positive and sustainable community development initiative already underway that they would like to build upon. 

Contact Megan Turner, for more information.

The deadline to apply is November 12, 2020 at 3pm AST. 

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