ISL Program Bursaries

Regular ISL applicants are eligible to apply for a program bursary. (Not applicable to IDS courses)

Only students who have been selected to participate in an ISL experience can receive funding. Awards are applied directly to the recipients ISL fee. 

Completed Application Forms must be submitted to Service Learning by the deadline indicated on the form.

The following supporting documentation must accompany the bursary application form:

  • A short essay (1 page maximum) explaining your financial situation and the importance of this bursary for you.
  • A copy of your assessment, if you receive a government student loan, grant, bursary or allowance.
  • A copy of your statement, if you received a bank loan. 

If you do not yet have confirmation of your student loan or bursary, please make a note of this on your Application Form.

Bursary awards of up to $1,250 are awarded based on assessed financial need.

If you have qualified for a bursary award, you will be notified of the amount in your acceptance email for the Immersion Service Learning program.

Bursary awards are applied to the second ISL participant payment that is due in December.

ISL applicants may also qualify for a StFX Bursary, which can be applied to  immersion fees.