Information for Community

Service learning is a collaborative model that is based on partnership between the community organization and the university. The community provides valuable opportunities for students to learn and students provide the community with a valuable service. It is truly a win-win situation.

Service learning experiences include those of a direct nature, consultation projects and research on behalf of an organization. For example, students studying child growth and development can help with after-school programs at local schools – this is direct service. Consultative projects include human nutrition students reviewing menus at group homes or business students doing a business plan for a non-profit organization. Research projects have included students doing asset mapping on behalf of a rural community and students conducting attitudinal surveys on behalf of an organization.

For more information on Service Learning at StFX or to request students, please contact Megan Turner at 902-867-2563 or  or Arlynne McGrath at 902-867-3757 or