Political Science

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Political Science Timetable for 2020-21

PS101/102 are not open to senior students. Seniors and juniors seeking electives may choose from any 200-level course and some 300-level courses in area-studies.


Professor Term Block Online
PSCI 101.11 Intro to Power and Politics R. McKinnell 1st B1/B2/B3  
PSCI 102.21 Intro to Compar & Global Pol G. Daoust 2nd B1/B2/B3  
PSCI 101.12 Intro to Power and Politics G. Graham 1st L1/L2/L3 Yes
PSCI 102.22 Intro to Compar & Global Pol G. Graham 2nd L1/L2/L3 Yes
PSCI 101.13 Intro to Power and Politics J. Bickerton 1st C1/C2/C3 Yes
PSCI 102.23 Intro to Compar & Global Pol N. Allen 2nd C1/C2/C3  
PSCI 101.14 Intro to Power and Politics Y. Grenier 1st O4/O5 Yes
PSCI 102.24 Intro to Compar & Global Pol J. Levin 2nd O4/O5 Yes
PSCI 101.15 Intro to Power and Politics R. McKinnell 1st W4/W5  
PSCI 102.25 Intro to Compar & Global Pol L. Stan 2nd W4/W5 Yes
PSCI 201 Ancient & Med Pol Thought L. Groarke 1st Z7/Z8  
PSCI 202 Modern Political Thought R. McKinnell 2nd Z7/Z8  
PSCI 211 Comparative Politics I L. Stan 1st Z4/Z5 Yes
PSCI 212 Comparative Politics II Y. Grenier 2nd Z4/Z5  
PSCI 221 Cdn. Structures & Institutions G. Graham 1st U4/U5 Yes
PSCI 222 Canadian Political Process J. Bickerton 2nd U4/U5  
PSCI 231 American Politics N. Allen 1st U7/U8  
PSCI 241 Power & Business in Cda G. Graham 2nd X4/X5 Yes
PSCI 251 Foundations of Global Politics J. Levin 1st W7/W8 Yes
PSCI 252 Contemporary Global Politics Y. Cho 2nd W7/W8  
PSCI 291 Violence, Conflict and Politics Y. Grenier 2nd U7/U8  
PSCI 301 Liberalism & its Critics R. McKinnell 1st M1/M2  
PSCI 303 Contemp. Political Arguments R. McKinnell 2nd Z4/Z5  
PSCI 308 Global Issues G. Daoust 1st W7/W8  
PSCI 312 Art & Politics Y. Grenier 1st Z4/Z5 Yes
PSCI 315 Democ around the World N. Allen 2nd O4/)5  
PSCi 323 Parties & Elections J. Bickerton 1st O4/O5  
PSCI 325 Indigenous Politics in Canada J. Bickerton 2nd Z1/Z2  
PSCi 331 Comparative Nationalism G. Graham 2nd O1/O2 Yes
PSCI 335 Human Rights & Intl Justice L. Stan !st Z1/Z2 Yes
PSCI 344 Citizenship & Identity R. McKinnell 2nd W1/W2  
PSCI 352 US Foreign Policy D. Abelson 2nd U4/U5  
PSCI 354 Global Political Economy Y. Cho 1st X4/X5  
PSCI 355 Global Issues G. Daoust 1st W4/W5  
PSCI 358 Internaltional Security J. Levin 1st J1/J2 Yes
PSCI 363 Intl Relation of East Asia Y. Cho 2nd W4/W5  
PSCI 365 Russian Politics L. Stan 2nd W7/W8  
PSCI 389 ST: Pol Comm & Marketing G. Graham 1st U1/U2 Yes
PSCI 397 Research Design N. Allen 1st X4/X5  
PSCI 421 Seminar: Canadian Politics J. Bickerton 1st Q2  
PSCI 451 Seminar: International Relations J. Levin 2nd Q4 Yes
PSCI 452 Seminar: Comparative Politics Y. Grenier 1st Q4  
PSCI 490 Thesis Y. Cho Full    

The Memorial for Mr. MacEachen at St. F.X. can be watched on YouTube at Allan J. MacEachen a Celebration of life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a20tbGyzf-Q

The life and legacy of one of Canada’s most important and respected politicians, the Hon. Allan J. MacEachen, was honoured as hundreds—including Canadian Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau—filled StFX’s Keating Centre Sept. 17 for a celebration of life for a man regarded as a Canadian icon.

Mr. MacEachen, 96, a native of Inverness, Cape Breton, died Sept. 12, 2017. The longtime Nova Scotia MP, cabinet minister and senator was also Canada's first deputy prime minister. He was one of StFX’s most notable alumni.

Hugh and Celia Gillis Bursary
This award is available to students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at StFX, with preference for students majoring in Political Science. Applicants must have an entrance average of 75% and demonstrate financial need in their application. Preference will be given to students from Antigonish County. This bursary is renewable if the student reapplies and continues to meet the criteria in subsequent years of study, including maintaining an average of at least 75% in each year of study.  Award Value: up to $2000.  Applications will open mid-August and are available to students online at the Financial Aid Office.

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