Timetable 2018-19

PHIL 100.11 Introduction to Philosophy C. Byrne Full A1/2/3
PHIL 100.12H Introduction to Philosophy L. Groarke Full C4/5/6
PHIL 100.13 Introduction to Philosophy D. Al-Maini Full A4/5/6
PHIL 100.14 Introduction to Philosophy TBA Full B4/5/6
PHIL 100.15 Introduction to Philosophy S. Baldner Full B1/2/3
PHIL 135.20 Healthcare Ethics W. Sweet 2nd W7/W8
PHIL 201.10 Ancient & Medieval Thought J. Spring 1st Z7/Z8
PHIL 202.20 Modern Political Thought L. Groarke 2nd Z7/Z8
PHIL 213.20 Philosophy of Science S. Baldner 2nd B4/5/6
PHIL 231.10 Philosophy of Human Nature I D. Al-Maini 1st C4/5/6
PHIL 245.10 Philosophy of Religion W. Sweet 1st B4/5/6
PHIL 251.10 Critical Thinking C. Byrne 1st B4/5/6
PHIL 251.20 Critical Thinking C. Byrne 2nd A7/8/9
PHIL 331.10 Ethical Theories L. Groarke 1st Z7/Z8
PHIL 333.20 Environmental Ethics D. Al-Maini 2nd Z7/Z8
PHIL 335.20 Ethics in Health & Medicine W. Sweet 2nd B4/5/6
PHIL 351.10 Socrates and Plato D. Al-Maini 1st W7/W8
PHIL 352.20 Aristotle C. Byrne 2nd W7/W8
PHIL 365.10 The Rationalists S. Baldner 1st Z1/Z2
PHIL 366.10 The Empiricists S. Baldner 2nd Z1/Z2
PHIL 451.10 Sem: Ethics, Politics & Law I W. Sweet 1st O7/O8
PHIL 452.20 Sem: Ethics, Politics & Law II L. Groarke 2nd O7/O8
PHIL 489 Honours Thesis W. Sweet 2nd  

*Please note, the timetable is subject to change.