Vendor Safety

At StFX we are committed to a Safe and Healthy workplace for all employees, including vendor employees.   


A StFX employee who brings a vendor to site to perform work is considered an Authorized Representative and is expected to follow the steps contained in the Procurement and Contracting section of the StFX OHS Manual.


Vendor Safety Package

All businesses and individuals who are contracted to do work on campus properties will complete a Vendor Safety Package, as it applies to the work they are doing.  Please ensure all applicable sections are complete and all attachments are included in your submission.

Vendor Safety Package PDF Fillable

Vendor Safety During COVID-19

When Vendors are working on campus during the Nova Scotia State of Emergency (SOE), the following steps will be followed:

The StFX Authorized Representative will complete a Vendor COVID-19 Questionnaire to determine if the work can be done in a safe manner.  

The StFX Authorized Representative or designate will email Security daily to let them know who will be on campus each day, including:

  1. Time of arrival

  2. Number of workers

  3. Location

  4. Nature of work

  5. Time of departure

Security will email this information to FM representatives.

Vendor will ensure daily COVID-19 health screening is performed for all employees working on campus.

Vendor will be familiar with and follow StFX's COVID-19 Protocols for working safely on Campus.

Updated Thursday, February 11, 2021, the wearing of non-medical masks is mandatory inside all buildings across campus.. The only exceptions include while eating (with appropriate physical distancing protocols respected) and while employees are alone in their office or students are alone within their residence rooms.  The use of non-medical masks is required outside if physical distancing cannot be assured.

Vendor daily hazard assessments (FLHA, FLRA, PSA) will include COVID-19, and how the Public Health directives will be followed that day.

The StFX Authorized Representative will arrange for enhanced cleaning of all affected areas, as required.

Vendor workers, incluing sub-contractor workers must remain on their project sites and not visit other areas on campus.

Vendors are responsible to ensure that all workers, including the sub-contractors they hire are following all State of Emergency directives and protocols, including those listed above.


Nova Scotia Restrictions Updates - please check before bringing in vendor workers from outside our community.

NEW!!  Potential Exposure Sites - please ensure vendor workers have not been in these areas.

For all Project Work: Vendor will submit project hazard assessment, as required, to the StFX Project Manager/Supervisor that includes COVID-19 and how Public Health directives will be followed.  Project Manager/Supervisor will email project hazard assessment to Safety and Security and OH&S.

Exceptions for Specialized Workers Outside the Atlantic Bubble


The above measures must be followed by all vendors
and are in effect until further notice.


A StFX employee who brings a vendor to site to perform work is considered an Authorized Representative and is expected to follow the steps contained in the Procurement and Contracting section of the StFX OHS Manual.


Hazard Assessments

Project Hazard Assessments
A Project Hazard Assessment shall be completed for any project that meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Duration more than one day
  • Subcontractors will be hired
  • Safety Absolutes or Critical Tasks are part of the Scope of Work.

During the course of a project, the Vendor Supervisor and the StFX management (or designate) shall, from time to time, review conditions on site and procedures in place. If changing conditions, or other factors, suggest that existing procedures may not be adequate then a mid-project Hazard Assessment may be conducted. 

Ongoing hazard assessments will be conducted as site conditions change and are warranted, or at the request of StFX management.

Field Level Risk Assessments
Every Vendor Employee must take part in a Daily Field Level Risk Assessment while working on our Campus.  The completed and signed FLRAs must be available on the work site for viewing by StFX management (or designate) upon request.  An FLRA is a daily evaluation that is completed prior to work commencing at a job site.  The assessment is designed to identify hazards / assess risks that are present due to site or equipment conditions, and control exposure to the hazards before the tasks begin for the day. 

Hazard Assessment Document from NS WorkSafeForLife

Safety Programs

Vendors should be familiar with StFX safety programs that apply to the work being performed.  Permission from your StFX Representative is required before performing Safety Absolute or Hot Work tasks on StFX property.  

StFX Safety Programs

Safety Absolutes


If you have any questions about Occupational Health and Safety at StFX, please contact
Laurie Reid, OH&S Officer at 902 318 5309.


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