Frank McKenna Centre for Leadership – Advisory Board

Preamble & Notes

  • Created in September 2015
  • Student members normally serve 2-year terms to ensure continuity and to allow for substantive contributions and involvement
  • Following the Board’s start-up phase, during which members are recruited for staggered terms (2/3 years) to manage succession and to ensure continuity and protect organizational memory, faculty members will normally serve 3-year terms.
  • Other members will remain on the Advisory Board for as long as they hold their designated positions.
  • Depending on workload, the Board may decide to create ad-hoc sub-committees to focus on and quickly address specific tasks.
  • This document is designed to function as a working description of the Board and of its basic functions and operations. As such, it is intended to be optimized and revised as the Board continues to operate.


The Advisory Board’s main purpose is to assist the Director in carrying out the mandate of the Centre. It is not meant to be a management committee nor is it an implementing body. The Director is responsible for Centre leadership and management. The Director reports to the Academic Vice President. Because the McKenna Centre for Leadership is helping students discover and develop their leadership capacity, many people on the Advisory Board may also be involved in a variety of collaborative activities with the Centre.


The role of the Advisory Board is to: 

  • Provide the Director with a sounding board for new ideas and future directions for the Centre 
  • Offer feedback on and ideas for the Centre’s performance and operations on a year to year basis.
  • Serve to connect the Centre with other related programming and resources on campus and off.

Specifically, the Board offers advice and feedback on:

  • Academic planning
  • Programming and events
  • Selection of speakers
  • Adjudication of proposals for collaboration and co-hosted events
  • Adjudication of applications for grants or fellowships for visiting scholars


  • The Advisory Board is composed of the following: 
  • The Director of the McKenna Centre
  • The Academic Vice President & Provost
  • Four students: VP Academic (Student Union) and three students at large, elected through the SU’s regular processes
  • Four faculty members – one from each Faculty; elected by each faculty via CON  
  • The Director of Advancement
  • The Director of Development 
  • The Director of Communications 
  • The Director of Student Life 
  • The Chair of Service Learning 
  • The Director of the Coady International Institute 
  • The Director of the Mulroney Institute
  • The Director of Athletics 


Committee Elected By: 
Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: 

Committee Membership

Name Role Term Start End Comment
Sutapa Chattupadhyay N/a 3 Year 2020-11-01 2022-06-30 Faculty of Arts
Wendy Mackey N/a 3 Year 2019-11-01 2022-06-30 Faculty of Education
Katie Aubrecht N/a 3 Year 2019-06-01 2022-06-30 Faculty of Arts
Denton Anthony N/a 2 Year 2019-11-01 2021-06-30 Faculty of Business
Amanda Casey N/a 2 Year 2019-11-01 2021-06-30 Faculty of Science