Formal Process Board

(see section 6 of the Faculty Handbook)

DATE: 1st meeting in Spring
TERM: 3 years

Formal Process Board (hereafter referred to as the Board)
is a standing body consisting of representatives of the affiliations of the University (see clause 6.2). From this Board a Formal Hearing Panel (hereinafter referred to as the Panel) shall be chosen to hear specific cases.

  1. The membership of the Board shall be comprised as follows:
    (i) Two (2) members, one (1) female and one (1) male, will be named by the President of the University.
    (ii) Two (2) members will be named or elected by their respective affiliation. If practical based on the gender composition of the affiliation one (1) of these members should be female and one (1) of these members should be male.
  2. For the purpose of this Sexual Harassment Policy, the affiliations within the university will be as follows:
    Administrative/Supervisory Staff
    Support Staff
    Other Professional Staff
    CAW, Local 2107
    CUPE, Local 1636
  3. For the initial constitution of the Board, one member of each affiliation, excluding the student’s affiliation, and one member appointed by the President of the University, will be named or elected for a three year term and one member for a two year term. Thereafter, excluding the student's affiliation, members will be named or elected for two-year terms. The Students' Union will name student members to the Board for one-year terms. The term of a Board member will not be considered to have expired if that member is sitting on a Formal Hearing Panel while a hearing is in progress.
  4. The anniversary date for appointment to the Board shall be 1 April.
Committee Elected By: 
Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: 

Committee Membership

Name Role Term Start End Comment
Louis Groarke N/a 3 Year 2004-04-01 2007-04-01
Donna Gallant N/a 3 Year 2004-04-01 2007-04-01
Greg McGuire N/a 3 Year 2003-04-01 2006-04-01
Tanya Titchkosky N/a 3 Year 2002-04-01 2005-04-01
Norm Seymour N/a 3 Year 2000-04-01 2003-04-01
Elizabeth McGibbon N/a 3 Year 1999-04-01 2002-04-01