University Senate

University Senate - Academic Priorities And Planning Committee

The membership of the Academic Priorities and Planning Committee is as follows:

A. The Academic Vice-President & Provost acting as Chair

B. The Vice President Finance and Administration (non-voting)

C. The Associate Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies

D. The Deans of Faculty

E. Students' Union Vice President or his/her designate (ex officio)

F. The University Librarian

G. Six Faculty Senators

H. Two other Student Senators

University Senate - Senate Committee on Academic Discipline

Described in the Policy on Academic Integrity adopted by the University Senate February 2005-11-03


1. The membership of the Committee on Academic Discipline shall consist of five (5) members of the University Faculty, elected by the University Senate, serving rotating but renewable three-year terms.

2. The Committee shall select its chair from among its own members

Terms of Reference:

The Senate Committee on Academic Discipline shall:

a) hear such cases that are brought before it; and

University Senate - Quality Of Life Committee

The membership of the Quality of Life Committee is as follows:
a. Head of Student Services
b. Associate Registrar, Enrollment (non-voting)
c. Manager, Student Experience (non-voting)
d. Director, Student Life
e. Director, Internationalization
f. Director, Health, Counselling & Accessible Learning
g. Students’ Union Vice-President Academic (SUVP Academic)
h. Three faculty senators elected by Senate
i. Two incumbent student senators nominated by the SUVP Academic, elected by Senate


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