University President

Pension Plan Committee

The terms of the pension plan arrangement (early 1980) with Confederation Life require that the university shall appoint a committee representative of the various groups of employees, which committee shall meet at least once in each Plan Year. The Board of Governors shall consult with the committee before making any amendments to the Plan. The committee may make recommendations to the Board concerning the Plan.

Bookstore Advisory Board

(Established in 1972, as successor to Coop Bookstore Committee)


To advise on the manner by which the Bookstore might best fulfil its role as an adjunct to academic programs.
To act as a sounding board for both students and faculty on practices and policies.
To advise on any matters brought to it by the Bookstore Manager.
The Committee may be convened according to a schedule predetermined by the Committee, or at the written request of any three members, or by the Chair.

Advisory Committee On Athletics

(Established by the President-July 19, 1973) - (Revised January 1995, January 2001)

-- Inactive (2009-04-06) --


The original mandate of the Committee was to devise an athletics policy for the University. In so doing it was to entertain the opinions of any interested or involved parties in the University community. The resulting policy was submitted to the University Senate, where it was approved.


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