Students & Faculty in Performance



“St. FX made my career!… [The professors] taught me not only how to play jazz, but how to teach myself to play anything. I have toured Europe with indie rock bands, released studio albums with pop bands, performed on the radio with classical wind ensembles, and played lead tenor in a big band.”

-    Natasha Blackwood, B.Mus.2008

VOCALS:  Zoe Leger (B.Mus. 2011) performing a classic jazz standard, Jul 2015. (Full video: Youtube)  
TROMBONE:  Nathanial Jenkins (B.Mus. student) in St. FX recital, Dec 2015. (Full video: Youtube) GUITAR: Matt MacDougall (B.Mus. 2012) performing with Matt MacDougall Group, Nashville, May 2015. (Full video: Youtube)



“[At St. FX] I was … very fortunate to play with quite a few of the professors as well as visiting artists, which is not something you usually get at most universities.”

-   Dave Farrell, B.Mus. 2011

  PIANO:  Greg Sykes (B.Mus. 2016) in St. FX recital, Dec 2015. (Full video: Youtube)

DRUMS:  Lucas Denneboom (B.Mus. 2016) in St. FX recital, Dec 2015. (Full video: Youtube)

TRUMPET: Aaron Bannerman (B.Mus. 2007) performing La Banda with Café Cubano, Sep 2012. (Full video: Youtube)




“The skills I leaned while studying at STFX opened the door to musical opportunities that I would not have imagined.”

-     Ben Holt, B.Mus. 2010

SAXOPHONE:  Natasha Blackwood (B. Mus. 2008) performing with The Cartridge Family, Sep 2013. (Full video: Youtube)  
BASS:  Will Paynter (B.Mus. 2010) performing a song he composed, with band Will Paynter & the Hardbop Collective. Sep 2016. (Full video: Youtube) ENSEMBLE PERFORMANCE: Final recital of drummer, Lucas Denneboom (B.Mus. 2016), Dec 2015. (Full video: Youtube)

ST. FX VOCAL ENSEMBLE performs 'I Sing for You' by Nancy King, July 2011. (Full video: Youtube)

ST. FX GUITAR ENSEMBLE performing ‘Normal People’, composed by professor Kevin Brunkhorst, Apr 2011. (Full video: Youtube)

ST. FX VOCAL ENSEMBLE concert clips, April 2016. (Full video: Youtube)

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