Video Tutorials

This series of videos is intended for the StFX community as a guide for using copyright-protected materials for educational purposes.

The information in these videos is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult a copyright lawyer for specific legal advice.

Copyright Basics 1:
What is Copyright?

Copyright Basics 2:
Use and Responsibility

Copyright Basics 3:
Determining if your use is allowed

What is Copyright Video

Use and Responsibility Video

Determining if your use is allowed video

This video introduces copyright, including the types of materials that are protected by copyright and what rights are covered by copyright protection. (3:47 min) This video addresses the rules and guidelines that govern the use of copyright-protected material at StFX, including who is responsible for copyright at StFX. (2:46 min) This video outlines five questions to consider before using copyright-protected materials, including whether you need to seek permission. (5:59 min) 

Educational Exception

Fair Dealing

Library Licenses

Educational Exception Video

Fair Dealing video

Library Licenses Video

This video explains what the Educational Exception is, what uses are allowed, and what conditions must be met for a use to qualify under this exception. (5:39 min) This video explains Fair Dealing: what it is and how to determine whether a particular use of a copyright protected work could qualify as fair dealing. (5:49 min) This video explains how to check the terms and conditions that are allowed under library licenses for specific journal titles. (2:23 min)


CopyrightThese videos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
All images used in these videos are Public Domain.

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