There is Life After IT

There is Life After IT – What about Beekeeping? Helmut Becker, MtA

After having worked in IT for 48 years and planning to retire this year I would like this opportunity to reflect on the past and look at the tremendous progress the IT industry has made. I will keep this short and move to what led me to the bees. Many years ago, when I was an exchange student in Minnesota, I worked on a bee farm which operated 10,000 hives. I was always fascinated by these little creatures. I promised myself that I was going to have bees one day. So, three years ago, in preparation for my retirement, I took the plunge and started a small apiary. Working with the bees, I am always tempted to compare their organisation, work ethics and efficiency to an IT department. Well, if we could only work half as good as they, we would be truly amazing. A satirical comparison of a bee hive to an IT department will be presented.
After, I will give a short overview of the amazing things that happen in a hive, accompanied by facts and figures about these amazing creatures.

Helmut Becker Bio

Helmut has worked in the IT field for 48 years. He was educated in Austria and worked for Phillips Austria in Vienna for three years. These three years were on a contract basis where he had to agree to stay for at least three years in return for being educated in IT by the Phillips Corporation. He started as a Computer Operator and moved to a Systems Programmer to an Application Developer using COBOL and Assembler. After immigrating to Canada in 1974 he worked for Medavie Blue Cross in Moncton for five years. There he implemented the new IBM 360 Power (Priority Output Writers, Execution processors and input Readers) operating system and developed claims processing software that ran until a few years ago. Being rather tired of the long commute from Port Elgin, where Helmut operated a family farm, to Moncton (1 hour each way) he ran across an add from Mt. Allison University looking for a Senior Programmer. He applied and the rest is History. He became Director of Computing Services in 1989 and has held this position ever since. He will retire later this summer.