Network Resiliency

Network Resiliency, Peter Jacobs, UNB

Key to successful Consolidation, Cloud, and <Business> Continuity Higher Ed IT departments constantly evaluate options to improve function and performance while reducing investment and support costs. Server/Service consolidation and Cloud services are attractive but what is the risk to performance and availability? Losing access to any or all IT services is extremely painful and totally unacceptable to campus users. This presentation will discuss the continuous evolution of the performance and resiliency of the New Brunswick Research and Education Network (NBREN) serving the NB/PEI Education Computer Network. The network has enabled institutions to move from server consolidation within their gates to multiple institutions sharing data centres, virtual environments, and upstream connectivity. Beyond the initial cost/performance benefits of a shared VM/SAN solution or shared Internet connectivity, institutional disaster recovery plans are immediately improved through reduced recovery times and are moving towards a continuous business continuity state.

Peter Jacobs Bio

Peter is a long time employee of the UNB ITS department having worked as a network engineer in various roles supporting campus and provincial networks. In his current role, he supports the NB provincial research and education network and supports researchers at UNB with their IT requirements.