Learning to be an IT Leader

Learning to be an IT Leader, Gary Doucette, Acadia

Leadership is a combination of knowledge, self-awareness, and patience. It is not perfect decision making or an ability to get along with people. Some leaders are hard to be around, others are happy and easy-going. All leaders give people the tools and support they need to be their best. Leadership can be practiced by everyone, at every level and in every role in an organization. We will discuss the steps to becoming a leader. Bring an open mind and a willingness to change.

Gary Doucette Bio

Gary Doucette is the Executive Director of Technology Services for Acadia University. He has worked in both technology and business for 35 years. Gary focuses on connecting the objectives of the university to technology initiatives; understanding the future and guiding his team to take advantage of the opportunities that technology advances offer. With the astounding level of change we are all faced with daily, Gary believes that collaboration within and across organizations is the route to success. Individually, we must understand our own strengths and use them to support our colleagues and advance the institutional mission.