How Automating Copyright Infringement Notices Can Save Your Sanity

How Automating Copyright Infringement Notices Can Save Your Sanity, Blair Sawler and Dom Labrie

In 2017, the Information Technology department at the University of New Brunswick received approximately 200 copyright infringements claims in six months, and this was with our residences on an external internet service

provider. Staff were dedicating too much time identifying clients on our network before sending out notices advising them of a copyright claim. Our team was manually looking up IP addresses in logs, matching them up with User IDs, and then sending out notices. Each infraction notice could take up to 30 minutes to track down the data. This resulted in almost 100 hours of staff time (almost three weeks annually) dedicated to sending out notices. We knew we needed to come up with a new process to not only automate the notices, but to track repeat offenders. This presentation will discuss and demonstrate how we have taken the copyright notice from the owner of the material, and automatically integrated data from various sources including Active Directory, DHCP and RADIUS: all stored within QRadar. We also made use of our ITSM tool: FootPrints to track and send out notifications to our clients.

Blair Sawler Bio

Blair graduated from UNB with a Bachelor of Education. He quickly merged his love of technology and education in the early 1990s designing computer based training for the Canadian Navy. Over the past 30 years, Blair has worked with large consulting firms, School Districts, and ran his own successful consulting business. In 2012, Blair joined the UNB ITS department as the Manager, Business Support Services.

In 2013, Blair took on the role of Technical Operations Manager for ITS. He managed the day to day systems, networks, and development teams. In 2018, he took on the role of Service Operations Manager for at least six months, leading the service desk, business support services, and desktop teams.

In his spare time, Blair stays involved in the community through Scouting, Rotary and minor hockey. He and his wife have enjoyed traveling with their two boys and love to spend time at home enjoying the outdoors.

Dominick Labrie Bio

Dominick graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Computer Science, with a Multimedia minor in 2015. Throughout his studies, Dominick has had interest in learning server environments and hosting services. He also co-owns a free website hosting service that has been thriving since 2012. A few months after graduating, Dominick happily joined UNB ITS and has brought a fresh base of knowledge and interest. He is helping to develop alternatives to provide better hosting services and upgrade various systems, while doing the same in his free time to maintain his free hosting services.