Building an Intranet in Office 365

Building an Intranet in Office 365, Graham MacDougall, NSCC

Building an Intranet in Office 365: NSCC's Experience Over the past year NSCC has built an intranet for both students and employees using Sharepoint Online in Office 365. This presentation will talk about the end product we have created along with the process, challenges, opportunities and most importantly, the lessons learned. I'll offer insight in building user-centric intranets, what it's like using Sharepoint Online for development and what I'd do differently if I had a Delorean!

Graham MacDougall Bio

An experienced digital leader, Graham has worked over 20 years in digital product development and management in a number of sectors, including media, corporate and post-secondary.

At NSCC, he leads a digital product development team focused on usability and web/application development. Prior to NSCC, Graham was Associate Director of Digital Marketing at Dalhousie University, leading digital product planning for

Graham brings passion for user-centric products and digital transformations to his work. He also likes telling really bad dad jokes.