Automation with TeamDynamix Workflows and Microservices

Automation with TeamDynamix Workflows and Microservices: How To Make Friends and Automate People, Nik Craik and Ben Wilson, St. Francis Xavier University

When “automation” comes to mind, people often think of artificial intelligence, robots, and high technical complexity that is simultaneously out of reach, yet a boogeyman waiting just around the corner; neither of these things have to be true. Starting small and keeping it simple, we can use automation technology we have available today to save time and improve the lives of staff and students. Learn how StFX has started to use TeamDynamix Workflows and in-house Microservices to save staff time and improve their quality of life, and increase student satisfaction.

Nik Craik Bio

Nik Craik, PMP is a Project Coordinator with St FX IT Services. He began his IT career as a web developer and SharePoint specialist working in higher education and healthcare. Since 2013 he has been a people and project leader in e-Learning and higher education, helping teams to be successful in delivering value and accomplishing goals. His proudest achievement is tricking his children into using a Kanban board to manage their chores.

Ben Wilson Bio

Ben Wilson is a Systems Analyst for St.FX University and was a graduate in the 2016 StFX class with a Bachelor’s of Information Systems. With a keen interest on analytics and the data discovery process, Ben is involved in the ongoing mission to help make StFX more data driven. Within the MIS department, Ben is also involved in development, reporting and ETL processes. Outside of work, Ben is deeply passionate and always keen to talk about anything music/movies/video games related.