Best Practices and Pitfalls: How to Ensure the Success of your Institution’s SharePoint Deployment

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool in the Office 365 suite. But many institutions either don’t know what to do with it or are using it in a way that creates more problems than it solves.
In 2017, Bulletproof and Higher-ED IT Shared Services (HISS) teamed up on a quest to understand member institutions’ business and technical requirements around document management, collaboration, and workflows.  The program included a series of projects with several Nova Scotian universities and colleges to roll out Office365 SharePoint within their institutions.
Jamie Morell, Bulletproof SharePoint Practice Lead, will share highlights and lessons learned from these projects to equip you with a solid understanding of best practices to employ and pitfalls to avoid for a successful deployment.

Key insights include:
•    Common and unique requirements related to institution size
•    Staffing and support needs
•    On premise versus cloud – key differences and selection criteria
•    Strategies for increasing user adoption
•    Pitfalls to avoid- how to keep your roll-out from going off the rails