BI, David Mattie, St. Francis Xavier University

Most of us are swimming in ungoverned, uncoordinated, and largely unharnessed data. If we truly appreciate this data for its ability to become a strategically important asset, we need to manage it differently.

It has been our aspiration that data can enable innovation and provide a strategic competitive advantage. Our executive hopes that data will help build a culture where information is proactively used to manage risk, find opportunities, and increase student value. There is an expectation that data is an enabler as we look to respond to increased complexity in student behavior. That is typically where it ends however, as we seek to gain insights into the internal and external workings of our university, we begin to recognize process barriers and silos that are often misaligned and independently working towards similar goals.  It takes so much effort to build something that can be trusted, and simple circumstance to wipe the trust away.
In 2017 Gartner predicted 60 percent of Business Intelligence implementations would fail to get past the piloting and experimentation phase, a statistic that has only marginally improved since the 90’s.
This will be a 2X speed breakdown of how StFX is tackling BI.  Our design pattern is based on cultural and operational realities, best practices, and many failed attempts.
Our goal is to providing a nimble, maintainable and value-driven implementation of BI, and to land on the right site of Gartner’s statistic.

David Mattie Bio

Dave Mattie is a manager in the IT Services department at StFX. He manages the team responsible for endpoint technology as well as the MIS team responsible for systems integration, reporting and business intelligence. Dave has been in the IT Industry for 20 years having spent the first half of his career with DMR/Fujitsu as a Systems Architect.