While Abroad


Before finalizing course registrations, students need to submit course descriptions to the International Exchange Coordinator at StFX to receive permission to transfer course credits to their StFX degree.  It is the student's responsibility to communication this information to the International Exchange Coordinator.

The regulations and grading schemes of the exchange university apply to visiting exchange students in the same way as for local students.  Exchange students with academic concerns should discuss these with a representative of the International Exchange Office at the host university.  Students should make an effort to clearly understand the grading schemes of the courses taken and should not assume that StFX can influence course outcomes at exchange universities.


The host exchange university will send StFX an official transcript once the period of exchange study is completed and the final grades are available.

Students are advised to request a number of sealed (official) transcripts be sent to their home for long term use.  The transcript will be required should the student apply for post-graduate study.  Receiving a transcript from the exchange university in a hurry can sometimes be difficult and therefore, may hold up future applications.


Student must take responsibility for their health and safety while abroad. Students should not participate in activities that involve undue risk, any more than if studying in Canada.  Savvy international travelers reduce possible risk by educating themselves about health and environmental safety, legal issues and personal safety in their new environment.  The key is to become informed about the setting in which you live and travel.  Asking questions of university representaitves and local students is recommended.