How to Apply


Applicants must be nominated by one of StFX's exchange university partners. Interested students are encouraged to find out as much as possible about the academic and social experience students have while studying at StFX. Also, they should research the study options and ask for advice through the International Exchange Office of their home university.

Summary information about studying at StFX can be found in the Exchange Student Guide 2019-2020 for international students (also available at the Forms and Guides page on this site).


The application consists of:

  • Nomination from the home university International Exchange Office (Email is sufficient.)
  • A completed International Exchange Application form
  • Original or certified copies of a most recent university transcript.
  • Evidence of ability to study successfully in English.  This may be in the form of a recommentation from a university representative (TOEFL or similar test results are not required for exchange students).

All exchange applications should be sent directly to the International Exchange Office at StFX (not the general Admissions Office).


For study dates beginning beginning in September, STFX must receive nominations of incoming students by May 1 with student applications received by May 15.

For study in January, nominations need to be submitted by October 1st and student applications must be received by October 15th.


Students wishing to reserve a room on campus should indicate this at the bottom of their application form. The student will then be contacted about whether there is residence space on campus.  The earlier StFX receives a residence accommodation request, the more likely a student will be assigned their first choice of type of accommodation.


Once an application has been approved by the StFX Admissions Office, the student will receive a letter of acceptance accompanied by a ‘visa’ form. The ‘visa’ form is needed to apply for a Residence Visa or Study Permit (if required). The acceptance letter is sent to the student’s permanent address indicated on the International Exchange application. Students should be sure to print clearly their address information to prevent any delays in receiving their acceptance letter.