Academic Matters


The academic year at StFX is from September to April.  The fall semester ends during the third week of December.  The winter semester begins the first week of January and continues into the thrid week of April. Other than the Christmas break, there is a week long break in late February.


Registration for courses offered in fall and winter semesters begins in June.  Courses fill up quickly and after that there is no guarantee that more students will be allowed to join a class.  Exchange students must provide their course choices to the International Exchange Coordinator as early as possible to have the best choice of courses.  Every effort is made to accommodate exchange student choices within the constraints of restricted class sizes, course pre-requisites and course content.

Exchange students are not restricted to enrolling in courses in a specific academic discipline.  But, without required course pre-requisites, they may not be allowed to register in specific courses.  Senior level seminar courses are usually restricted to graduating degree students. Once a term begins, students have a week during which they can change their course registrations.

A full course load per semester is 15 credits.  A single semester course is given 3 credits and a full year course is worth 6 credits.  Full year students may have a mix of full year and single semester courses to a maximum of 30 credits.

Not all courses are offered each year or each semester.  Final course offerings for the upcoming year are posted in mid-June. This is referred to as the Course Timetable.  Students sending their applications before June, should use the current Course Timetable to indicate their course preferences.


The Office of Internationalization arranges for academic transcripts to be sent to the exchange student's home university, once the final grades are registered in the StFX system.  Should students wish to order additional copies of their transcript, they may do so at the StFX Registrar's Office website.