Student and Casual Worker Payroll Information

Effective April 1, 2021 minimum wage is $13.10 per hour.

Managers, along with the newly hired employee (any employee who has not previously worked for StFX), must fill out the electronic new hire form in order to be entered into the ADP Payroll system. Please read the steps for completion before beginning. *Please Note: The electronic new hire form does not require any signatures. It must be submitted in Microsoft Excel format.

Any Manager hiring an employee who has previously worked at StFX or who is employed in more than one location on campus must submit a payroll request form & a letter of appointment.

There are two methods for paying Students and Casual Workers. The Manager is responsible for chosing the method that is suitable.

1. Fixed bi-weekly schedule (salaried) - In order to pay employees on a fixed, bi-weekly schedule, the Manager must submit a payroll request form & a letter of appointment.

2. Submit hours electronically (hourly) - In order to pay employees who work variable hours, the Manager must submit the hours electronically using this template.

To hire an international student, payroll requires a copy of a valid study permit, and a copy of a Social Insurance Card or form from Service Canada.

For deadline & pay date information, please see the 2021 Payroll Schedule.