StFX Employee ID Cards

id card

What to bring and who is eligible:

In order to obtain a StFX employee identification card, the employee must be on a contract of 1 year or longer on full-time weekly hours in the ADP payroll system. He or she must present government identification such as a driver's license.

1. StFX employee picture
2. Card Type
3. Department of StFX employee
4. StFX employee ID number
5. Novanet number
6. Bar codes used for various campus systems

How to get your StFX ID card?

1. Fill out the ID Card Application form
2. Print off the request form and get it approved by your manager/department head
3. Take the completed form to the Security Operations Centre, 5005 Chapel Square to have your picture taken and card issued.

If you lose your card or if it's stolen

Immediately contact Security at 867-3981 to report the loss, so they can deactivate access. Make arrangements with Security for a new ID card to be issued to you.


Your StFX identification card remains the property of the University at all times. If you cease to be employed by the University, you must return your card to Human Resources without delay.

Staff identification cards are required to access a number of services such as Libraries, equipment and video loans through the Instructional Communications Centre, Athletic facilities, and to enter buildings during off hours.

Employees are strongly urged to carry their identification cards at all times when on campus. Further information may be obtained by calling Human Resources at 867-2466.