Dr. Mark Embrett

Dr. Mark Embrett

Room 111C

With his experience in interdisciplinary health policy research, Dr. Embrett’s research focuses on health systems arrangements, health policy and knowledge translation, and policies’ impact on a variety of prevalent health policy problems such as equity, access, and efficiency. He has co-investigated and led independent, local, and national research projects in mental health and interprofessional care. After receiving his PhD from McMaster University’s Health Policy Program and Dalhousie University’s Masters in Applied Health Services Research, Mark has applied his skills in academic, private and government industries focusing on transition in care for youth with mental health issues, Social Impact Bonds for improving health project outcomes, digital health and health economic outcomes. Dr. Embrett currently teaches courses on Health Systems and Health Policy (HLTH 398), Health Leadership (401), Health in All Policies (HLTH302), Social Determinants of Health (HLTH 102), and Health Innovation (HLTH 402).


Recent publications


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