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Distance Nursing Program Brochures

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will there be a repeat of material we've already done in our RN Program?
    Course material takes into account the needs of Post-RN student. Students are encouraged to make their clinical interests and objectives known to course professors. The Program recognizes previous nursing experience by allowing students to focus on clinical experiences and projects which augment rather than duplicate previous studies and practice.
  2. I have taken courses from other institutions. How do I go about getting these evaluated for credit? When will I find out if they're acceptable?
    You must arrange for official transcripts to be forwarded to the Distance Program Office at StFX University. When these documents are received, evaluation will be conducted by the Dean of Science and the Program Director regarding transfer credits.
  3. How many hours a week should I schedule for study and assignments?
    The degree of reading and work varies between courses. It is best to plan for 10-12 hours of study per week, with additional time budgeted for assignments.
  4. What happens if I miss or fail a course?
    You will have to acquire the missed or failed course the next time it is offered in the program schedule.
  5. Do I have to complete any preparatory courses before I am accepted into the program?
    Students are accepted directly into the Post-RN BScn Program, and are not required to take any preparation courses.


A part-time degree program challenges motivation, self-discipline, and ability to make long-range plans. Carefully assess this challenge in relation to your other responsibilities and career goals. The rewards of formal study in terms of both personal and professional development and tremendous