Certificate in Elementary Mathematics

In 2011, St. Francis Xavier University began offering a graduate Certificate in Elementary Mathematics Pedagogy. This program qualifies teachers for an upgrade in license with pre-approval from Teacher Certification. Over 200 teachers from across the province have completed this program which they have described as highly beneficial to their teaching practice. This certificate is designed to increase knowledge for teaching mathematics including increased pedagogical content knowledge, knowledge about assessment and differentiation of instruction in mathematics, and culturally responsive educational practices. Courses are presented either face-to-face (F2F), on-line (OL), or in a combination of face-to-face and on-line on weekends and evenings (COM). The graduate certificate includes ten 3-credit courses and takes approximately 2.5 years to complete taking one course each term. Courses include:

EDUC 404 A Curriculum & Instruction in Early Elementary (focus on Pre-k to 2 mathematics)
EDUC 404 B Curriculum & Instruction in Upper Elementary (focus on 3 to 6 mathematics)
EDUC 513 Differentiated Instruction in Mathematics (A focus on supporting diverse learners through differentiation of instructional practices)
Math 401 Pedagogical Foundations for Elementary Mathematics Education I: Numeracy
Math 402 Pedagogical Foundations for Elementary Mathematics Education II: Modelling
EDUC 544 Cross-Cultural Issues in Education (a focus on the incorporation of culturally responsive practices in the teaching of mathematics)
EDUC 569 Assessment in Mathematics (A focus on assessment for learning and assessment of learning in mathematics teaching)
EDUC 468 Curriculum & Instruction in Middle School Mathematics (Focus on content and strategies for teaching 7 to 9 mathematics)
MATH 403 Pedagogical Foundations for Elementary Mathematics Education III: Geometry
EDUC 520 Problem Solving (A focus on problem solving and the teaching of problem solving)