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On Campus Summer Schedule 2020

NOTE: All X-Chem Outreach in-person camps at StFX are cancelled for Summer 2020. 

Camp Location: StFX Physical Science Centre, Antigonish.  Codemaker camps will use a computer lab in the Schwartz building (Schwartz 252), but will start off daily at the Physical Science Centre.  *Camps run from 9am-3pm. Early drop off (8:00am) and/or late pick up (4:00 pm) can be arranged for an additional $5.00/hour.*

Each camp is geared towards the specified age groups with challenges varying from beginner to advanced. Campers can be registered in the camps for the grade which they are going into, ie. a child finishing Grade 2 should be enrolled in a Grade 3-4 camp. Exceptions can be made, within reason.​

Molecules 5 - 8 Chemistry CANCELLED $100
Codemaker I 1 - 4 Girls Coding REGISTRATION FULL! CANCELLED Wait List
Atoms 3 - 4 Chemistry CANCELLED $100
Codemaker II 1-2 Intro to Computers & Simple Coding CANCELLED FREE
Elements 1 - 2 Chemistry CANCELLED $100
Codemaker III 3 - 4 Coding Activities REGISTRATION FULL! CANCELLED Wait List
Pipets 1 - 4 Girls Science CANCELLED $100
*Trail Blazers 1 - 2 Science CANCELLED $80
Codemaker IV 4 - 6 Intro to Programing REGISTRATION FULL! CANCELLED Wait List
Adventure 3 - 4 Science CANCELLED $100
**Codemaker V 6 - 8 Coding with Simple Programing CANCELLED FREE
Discovery 5 - 8 Science CANCELLED $100

*Please Note Trail Blazers Grade 1-2 Science and Codemaker V Grades 6-8 Coding are 4 day camps starting on a Tuesday, due to the Monday holiday.

**Some experience is required for Codemaker V. 

Camp Registration is advised to be as early as possible. Registration will cease once camps are full.  Codemaker camps have a limit of 25 students.  Camp T-Shirts can be ordered at an additional fee.

Elements, Atoms and Molecules will be exposed to exciting chemistry demos as well as conduct hands on experiments that will capture your imagination!

Trail Blazer, Adventure, Discovery, and Inspire camps will be exploring the worlds of chemistry, biology, physics, earth science, computer science, engineering and much more!

Codemaker campers will take a look at the inner workings of computers, use various software and Makey-Makey interfaces, learn the ideas behind programming, build items using electronic kits, and program robots and computers at various levels of complexity. Codemaker camps for Summer 2020 will be free thanks to funding from CanCode through Actua. 

To Register:

- Click camp title in schedule above to register online.  Please also fill out the On Campus Camp Fee form if registering online.

- Or fill out Printable Application Form (On Campus Camps).  Email, fax or mail completed form to X-Chem Outreach.


Community Camps Summer Schedule 2020

This year X-Chem is offering 1-day science camps in various communities in coordination with SchoolsPlus!  Camp hours are from 9am to 2pm.  All community camps will be free for Summer 2020. 

Camp Registration is advised to be as early as possible and will be limited to 7 youth due to COVID-19 restrictions.  

Inverness 1 - 4 Science August 4th FREE
Inverness 5 - 8 Science August 5th FREE
Guysborough 3 - 8 Science August 6th FREE
Sherbrooke 3 - 8 Science August 7th FREE
St Peter's 1 - 4 Science August 10th FREE
St Peter's 5 - 8 Science August 11th FREE
Port Hawkesbury 1 - 4 Science August 12th FREE
Port Hawkesbury 5 - 8 Science August 13th FREE
Monastery 3 - 8 Science August 17th FREE
Canso 3 - 8 Science August 19th FREE

To Register:

Registration for Inverness camps can be done by contacting Janelle MacDonnell:

Janelle MacDonnell
SchoolsPlus Outreach Worker, Inverness

- Registration for Guysborough, Sherbrooke, Monastery, & Canso camps can be done by contacting Faye Fraser:

Faye Fraser
SchoolsPlus Outreach Worker, Guysborough County/Monastery

- Registration for St Peter's and Port Hawkesbury camps can be done by contacting Kayla Landry:

Kayla Landry
SchoolsPlus Outreach Worker, Strait-Richmond


Camp Pricing

Camp fees are indicated in the camp schedule and can be paid by cheque or cash mailed to X-Chem Outreach.  Discounts are available where applicable - one discount applicable per registration. Both discounts cannot be applied to one order.  Note: Codemaker camps do not count towards the camp discount for Summer 2020.

Multi-Camp Discount: Fee will be reduced by $20 for each additional 4 or 5-day camp a camper attends.
ie. One Camp: $100, Second Camp: $100 - $20.   When paid for together: $180
Family Discount: For siblings attending the same 4-5 day camp, the fee will be reduced by $20 for each additional sibling .  For siblings attending the same 2-3 day camp, the fee will be reduced by $10 for each additional sibling.
i.e. 5 day camp: Child One: $100, Child Two: $80, Child Three: $60 (when siblings paid for together)
      4 day camp: Child One: $80, Child Two: $60, Child Three: $40 (when siblings paid for together)
      3 day camp: Child One: $60 Child Two: $50, Child Three: $40 (when siblings paid for together)
      2 day camp: Child One: $40, Child Two: $30, Child Three: $20 (when siblings paid for together)

Bursary ProgramWe believe every child should have the opportunity to attend summer camp. Bursaries are available to cover 50% and 100% of the camp registration fees if necessary.  Bursary applications must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the start of the camp your child wishes to attend.  To apply for a bursary online click here

Camp T-Shirts

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, camp T-shirts will not be available for Summer 2020

Camp T-shirts are available for all camps at an additional cost of $15.  They are not included with camp fees in order to give the option of ordering a T-shirt.  Not all campers will order a T-shirt.  The following deadlines are for ordering T-shirts. Camp T-shirt’s will not be available to those who register after the T-Shirt Deadlines.

St.FX Chemistry Camps All Grade Levels, Codemaker I, and Codemaker II camps: June 5th, 2020
St.FX Girls Science Camp, Codemaker III, and Codemaker IV: June 19th, 2020
St.FX Science Camps All Grade Levels and Codemaker V: July 3rd, 2020

Sherbrooke, Monastery, Port Hawkesbury, & Guysborough Community Camps T-shirt deadline: June 5th, 2020

Mulgrave, St Peter's, & Port Hood Community Camps T-shirt deadline: June 19th, 2020