Lori McKee, PhD

Lori McKee, PhD

Assistant Professor
Xavier Hall
(902) 867-4842

Research interests: multimodal literacy in elementary school classrooms; multimodal pedagogy; early childhood; technologies; teacher professional learning


EDUC 411 Language and Literacy I

Recent publications

Dr. Lori McKee

McKee, L. & Heydon, R. & Davies, E. (in press). Making Spaces in Professional Learning for Democratic Literacy Education in the Early Years. In M. Hamilton & L. Tett (Eds.), Resisting the neo-liberal discourse in Education: local, national and transnational perspectives. UK: Policy Press.


McKee, L. & Heydon, R. (in press). Digital technologies and online learning in primary education in Canada. In R. Heydon (Ed.), Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies. UK: Bloomsbury


Heydon, R., McKee, L. & O’Neill, S. (2017). Singing our song: The affordances of singing in an intergenerational, multimodal literacy program [early view]. Literacy, 1-9. doi: 10.1111/lit.12135