The Art Department

Welcome to the Art Department at StFX

Contemporary society is replete with visual stimuli and therefore it is important to know what these images mean. Visual imagery is a powerful means of communicating social, political, and spiritual ideologies. Our goal in the Art Department is to teach StFX students the importance of understanding images: studio art classes teach students how images are created; art history classes teach students how to understand the social power of images.

Studio art classes build upon the foundations of drawing, colour theory, and design. These fundamental skills and knowledge allow StFX students to further explore the creation of artworks in a wide variety of traditional media: drawing, painting, and printmaking; applied disciplines such as stained glass, textiles; and communications such as design, photography and animation. Advanced study in studio art can be accommodated by special student-led projects in which StFX students work individually with their instructor.

Art History courses explore artworks in their social and historical context. Courses include art and architecture from prehistory to the modern day, Renaissance, Baroque art and Contemporary art. Some take a thematic approach to understanding particular kinds of images throughout historical periods. Art History asks which political, technical and personal factors give rise to artforms.

All studio courses are taught by practising professionals who share their expertise with StFX students. StFX offers the only program in studio art in Atlantic Canada that is open to all students. Art History courses are taught by internationally-respected scholars. StFX is the only university east of Montreal to offer a comprehensive program of courses on art made before the 19th Century. Many art history courses are unique to StFX.

Students may take studio art courses as electives or they can achieve a Minor in Studio Art. Students may also take Art History courses as electives, or as a Minor area of study.

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