Employers Learners


At Valeant, in our training department, we maintain a wall of StFX certificates, to show the effect StFX has had on our facility. In addition to the strength the DipAdEd program has given to our training at Valeant, auditors always appreciate the show of credentials.

Please hurry and schedule the next Winnipeg modules, as I already have two more trainers I want to send.

Karen Wood      Training Manager, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Steinbach MB

As soon as I heard the words “experiential learning”, I knew that this was the course to set the foundation of all our training practices within our organization. Practical training skills, techniques, and development skills learned by our training staff are now being utilized everyday whether it be in class, scenario-based training at our new training facility, or in on-the-job-coaching.

The StFX Diploma in Adult Education course paved the way for our direction in training, and it continues to be the course of choice for my staff.

Tom Corrigan Supervisor, Training, Enbridge, Toronto ON

Through our affiliation with StFX's Diploma in Adult Education program, we at OC Transpo have transformed our Transit Training Unit. From design of materials, training of facilitators, and the development of a coaching program based on best practices in adult education, our facilitators now possess the skills and tools to be professionals.

The common understanding amongst the training staff of 25 and the tangible focus on excellence in training are now reflected in everyday training as a matter of course. Sending key instructional staff to the StFX program is the best investment I have made to date. This year, more facilitators will be trained as well.

Greg Davis      Program Manager, Transit Training, Business and Operational Services
                        OC Transpo, Ottawa ON


Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Regina Campus, has greatly benefited from the partnership that we have with St Francis Xavier University’s Diploma in Adult Education program and its facilitators. One of the benefits that we have received -- as a result of our affiliation with a university that offers a nationally-recognized program -- is increased community profile.

Linda O’Halloran      Continuing Education Consultant, School of Business, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Regina Campus, Sk

We have been sending our technical and corporate trainers to the StFX Diploma in Adult Education program for over 15 years. We believe in the philosophy grounded in the DipAdEd program because it gives us consistency in all phases of our training, which is critical when you are working with trainers coast-to-coast and covering different work groups and regulatory training.

Our trainers finish the program and bring back to Jazz more confidence in the classroom and greater expertise in both design and delivery. A key benefit for Jazz is the ability to access the program in many locations across the country.

Kim Gaudet     Manager, Learning and Development, Jazz Aviation, Halifax NS

StFX’s Diploma program has been beneficial to our training organization and to its clients. It provides our employees a systematic and concise process in identifying the real needs and developing performance interventions.

Our clients are the recipients of this approach, as it clearly identifies and ensures an efficient, cost effective intervention. Our employees find this program excellent and have benefited from this program. This program is highly recommended for their positional requirements as training professionals. Keep up the Great Work.

Jean-Marc L'Anglais C.E.T.     Section Manager, Trades-Tech & IT Training
Ontario Power Generation, Etobicoke ON


The value from this program is widespread in our organization. I have been working in and around the learning business for over 20 years, and I know that this program not only gave me a solid foundation, but that foundation has been spread throughout the organization with approximately 100 other practitioners.

Although the learning processes and trends change over time, adult learners are still adult learners, and the core ability to manage this is critical. With employee transition at an all time high, this has never been more important.

Dave Braun     Manager, Workplace Learning and Performance, SaskPower, Weyburn SK



Calgary 2016

Facilitators are great!  I really hope I can take everything I learned and implement it to become more of a facilitator rather than a trainer.
Tanya Davies, Job Evaluation Consultant, Gov't of Alberta
StFX has opened my eyes to new learning and provided me with tools to assist in my role as client-consultant.
Dann McCann, Performance Consultant, Blue Roof Inc.
A definite must take for anyone who wants to be a true training & development professional.
Karia MacNeil, Senior Learning Advisor, Alliance Pipeline
Participating in the program has been the best decision I've made for my professional development.  I look forward to the practicum so that I truly understand how to design experiences that result in real and lasting learners.  Well done!
Paula Dykstra, Training and Development Coordinator, City of Calgary
Excellent facilitators.  They create an environment hospitable to learning, to teamwork, collaboration, and even risk-taking.  I found the sessions to be incredibly supportive to my attempts at learning.
Perry Lastiwka, Operating Manager, Perry's Painting

Calgary 2015

An excellent program that brings evaluation and learner centric design to life.
Morgan Lindgren, Sr Learning Partner, ATB Financial

Whether you are a full-time trainer, someone who does training on an occasional basis, or has input in training at their workplace, this course will hit the mark!  StFX has done a wonderful job with this program and the instructors were fabulous!
Rita Wilcox, HRBP (OD Co-ordinator), Premier Tech
Great Program.  I look forward to using the process.
Breanne Panasiuk, Trainer, Agrium

Calgary 2014

I really enjoyed this program!  It had a great mix of theory & hands-on to support my learning!  I am motivated and feel prepared to implement these models in my role/org. 
Lesley Watts, Regional Training Manager, TJX Canada
So often, other parts of HR & business are backed by models & regulations.  Thanks for providing me with mine!
Scarlett Geiger, Manager, Employee Development, Sask Gov't Insurance (SGI)
My knowledge on training program design methodologies increased exponentially.  I'm very excited to demonstrate the results that can be achieved by effective training programs for (both) learner and organization.  These modules will be my L & D handbook for quite some time!
Bonnie Bradley, HR Manager, Convergent Technologies Ltd.
Such a superior program!  Loved the hands-on aspects that allowed me to apply the learning "OTJ" right away.
Jennifer Bui, Learning Consultant, ATB Investor Services
I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to make a difference in training.  Todd Simonson, Coordinator Bus & Recruitment Training, Calgary Transit
I loved the program, facilitators and how much I have been able to learn from everyone. Glenda LaBerge, Learning Partner, ATB Financial


Regina 2017

Great program.  Well worth it.  And will be very valuable in my role.
Melanie Cote, L & D Advisor, Sasktel
Going through the modules I grew so much as an L & D professional!  Left with knowledge, skills, and practical templates I could utilize right away!
Laura Babyak, Learning & Performance Consultant, FCC
Every single module is so thoroughly thought out.  There was hardly a minute that was not put to use in an effective way.
Gina Wickham, Training Clerk, Nutrien - Rocanville

Regina 2016

This program changes the way you think about facilitation.
Carol Rogers, Office Assistant, Sask Polytech
The program has given me the tools and confidence to move into a performance consulting role.
Shelley Ouellet, Learning and Performance Consultant, Farm Credit Canada
There is real value in this program.  I am not currently a trainer, but one day hope to move into that role and I truly feel like I am much more prepared for that role.  Bring it on!
Karly Edwards, Office Manager, Pasqua South Oral Health Clinic
Very challenging, but the reward of succeeding is that much sweeter when challenged.
Aaron Tisdale, Training Coordinator Design & Delivery CS, SaskPower

Regina 2015

Highly recommended!!  Science and credibility to the learning profession.
Jennifer McLeod, HR Manager, Sasktel  
Good hands on learnings!  Loved the repetition of each module, combined with the activities!  Created an excellent learning environment.
Jackie Fuchs, Human Resources Manager, DirectWest
StFX is an excellent program for training certification.  The combination of content & activities makes each module complete and distinct within itself, with great overall benefits to the learner.
Kathy Greer, Training Co-ordinator, SaskPower  
This was a fantastic learning process and I really benefited from this learning design and techniques.  I loved this program.
Shelley Ryerson, Case Manager, SK WCB
The training is very pertinent to learning needs & expectations of my department and corporation.  I have the foundation to understand the importance of doing thorough needs analysis and evaluation, to ensure training delivered is actually what is needed and effective.
Laurie Hamers, Manager, Customer Service, Farm Credit Canada  

Regina 2014

I learned a lot in all five modules, and feel more professional on the job back home.  Instructors were great and kept class upbeat.  Never a dull moment.  Thank you.
Roxane Willerth, Administrative Associate, Accounts Payable, SaskPower
It really made me see that there is so much more to a training program besides the information being delivered.
Lindsay Reavie, AMI Representative, SaskPower
It's a lot of work, but well worth the sense of accomplishment felt by the end!
Chad Cowles, Trainer III, Underground, Agrium Inc


Winnipeg 2017

It was a pleasure.  I feel I learned a lot.  Great group of classmates.
Linda Lagace, Field Development Manager, Great West Life
The program is excellent to solidify anyone's knowledge about training and development.
Lisa Joyal, Training and Development Specialist
I am so glad I followed through and after a few years came back to complete the program.  I appreciated the information/learning and enjoyed the group tremendously!
Patricia Jane Berney, Independent
(A benefit of the program will be) making the WFD Training Academy a more professional institute.
Dwayne Huot, Fire Training Officer, Winnipeg Fire Department

Winnipeg 2015

Excellent program!  The true unique value proposition of this program is the fact that you are in a classroom with a facilitator and the program is designed based on a experiential design model.  This means you learn by doing!!! You are active and engaged at every step of the way.
Don Oldcorn, Training & Development Coordinator, MacDon Industries Ltd
Absolutely a brilliant, well done program!  Loved having all three facilitators take turns in the modules.  Each brought something different to put in to our tool box.
Angela Stephenson, RH Coordinator, BOMImed Inc
It amazes me how you can take anything, any subject and use this method to make it facilitatable!! Like wow!!
Karren Kostyra, Paramedic, IERHA

Winnipeg 2014

This is a program that builds process, professionalism and it builds confidence into facilitating training & development.  I am so excited to start implementing what I have learned.
Patricia Clark, Human Resources Manager, Independent
As a result, my concept & process regarding course materials have changed 100%.
Dawna Atamanchuk, Consultant, Benefits & Beyond

Excellent!  The program was highly recommended to me and I will do the same for others.  Jennifer Carignan, Human Resource Manager, E.G. Penner Building Centres Ltd
Wow!  The modules gave us the opportunity to use the tools and techniques in class and assignments and are easily transferrable to my work. 
Pat Williamson, Learning & Development Officer, Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation


Toronto 2017

The course has definitely increased my ability to become more productive/effective as a senior training officer @ OPG.
Daryl Cronkwright, Senior Training Officer, OPG
This was a great experience.  I enjoyed meeting people from other businesses.
Mariane Vezina, Officer, L & D, Canada Post
A friend told me that this program would be life-changing.  I thought she was kidding - but she wasn't.  I walk away from module 5 with great skills and a wonderful support system of great learning specialist.  Thank you!
Cathy Obright, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Central Community Health Centre
This is a fantastic program!  I would suggest taking this program if your work has anything to do with learning or training.  Truly a phenomenal approach to adult learning.
Christian Vulpe, General Manager, FICS
Wonderful program!  Well thought out & I like that there is a process to it!  The facilitators are awesome!
Janu Krish, Senior Compensation Consultant, Sunlife Financial
The StFX adult education program has been the most valuable and memorable learning experience I have ever been exposed to.  I am excited to apply what I have learned on the job!
Katarina Ozanic, Manager Learning for Talent Development

Toronto 2015

This program has helped me immensely - from giving me practical tools to draw on, to helping me land a new job in learning, to building up my confidence as a facilitator.  A heart felt thank you to the skilled facilitators.  Be prepared for hard work that will propel you successfully forward.
Susan Wheeler, Independent
A professional comprehensive approach that will add maximum value to my clients.
Murray Lewis, Sales Representative, ERFA Canada
An engaging and enjoyable experience.  The Diploma in Adult Education gave me the structure I needed to enhance all aspects of training and development.  The St FX team does a great job.    
Joel MacDonald, Independent                
The DipAdEd has given me a full arsenal of tools to develop, implement, deliver programs with the clients needs in the forefront.
Jim Jessome, Independent Contractor
Spectacular and awesome program.  Recommend to new and existing trainers in any field/company!
Kelly Hefford, Specialist, Employee Training, Bell Mobility
Great course!  Relevant to my position and will improve my performance and value to my company!  Can be implemented right away.  Best facilitation I have seen.
Rick Renienick, Training Specialist-Control, OPG
I've loved it, truly.  I call this the facilitation olympics because the quality of delivery has been so awesome.  Thank you!  I really have learned an incredible amount and appreciate all the patience and consideration for different learning styles.
Rhianna Coté, Training, Quality Assurance, and Project Analyst, Manulife Financial

Toronto 2014

I was nervous about the StFX program and the content, but was pleasantly surprised and made to feel comfortable and at ease day 1 of module 1.  I feel very well prepared and guided in launching out into a new career in adult ed.  Thank you Bill, Aimee & Wendy for your expertise and training.
Sheri Brenneman, Commodity Buyer, GDLS-C
I loved it.  I learned so much!  I am a huge advocate for StFX now.  Thank you for being the best facilitators I've experienced.
Danielle Hanson, Account Analyst, WSIB
After completing this program I feel I have enhanced my skills as a learning professional.  This will make a performance, impact in my daily role.  I am more confident, knowledgeable and prepared to be an effective adult learning developer.
Zara Ogden, Instructional Designer, Real Estate Council of Ontario
Learning the StFX experiential model I believe has moved me to becoming a much better trainer/facilitator in all aspects, from concept, assessment, development, presentation and evaluation of the training I will complete in the future.
Brian Walker, Technical Trainer, Direct Energy
The StFX program provides excellent skills to enhance and improve planning and implementation of training skills. I look forward to utilizing my newly developed skills!
Rebecca Fitzjohn, Operations Program Coordinator, Suncor Energy
StFX model is an excellent vehicle by which the training profession will be professionalized & seen as a value-adding business partner.
Bob Delaney, President, Earning Through Learning
I highly recommend the StFX program ... whether you are a seasoned/veteran trainer (as I am) or new to the Training Field, the program is very beneficial!
Brenda O'Hara, Sr Manager, Talent Development & Technical Training,
Teva Canada Ltd

I will recommend StFX AE program to my colleagues.  Although I'm not currently in training and development the program has provided me with many new skills, knowledge & attitudes that I will utilize in my current role and has opened up new opportunities for my future.
Susan Chalmers, Manager, Healthcare Education, Purdue Pharma


Ottawa 2017

A very complete and thorough program, nuts and bolts A-Z!!

Jahanne Badraoui, Learning Advisor, Global Affairs Canada
Fantastic!  I learned so much, from wonderful facilitators, and believe it was time well spent.  Thanks!
Lorri Cadeau, Coordinator, RPPEO
A great opportunity to not only learn the experiential model but to live it.  The program develops skills to help design training that can have a real impact on the performance of the learners.
Ryan Hudson, Senior Learning Advisor, Immigration and Refugee Board
I am entirely pleased with this program and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is involved with determining learning and performance needs, and contributing in a real way to meeting those needs.
Carolyn Johnstone, Project Officer, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
I thoroughly enjoyed attending all modules and came away with a lot of new learning and a new motivation for training that is geared towards adult learning.
Andrea Keller-Robinson, Registered Nurse, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre

Ottawa 2016

This program brings a much-needed rigour and professionalism to our profession.  This is the first program I've taken that truly took "us" seriously in our role-in an academic way.  It was a lot of work but well worth it!

Kathryn Manley, Learning Advisor, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
This program helped me elevate my game in the training world.  I feel more confident in developing and delivering training and facilitation that works.
Brandon Belaire, Instruct Electric Rail Operation, OC Transpo, City of Ottawa
Truly the most learner-centred course I have ever taken.  If you haven't considered or don't consider this course you are missing out.
Jeff Dixon, Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Armed Forces
During the first 2 modules I wasn't sure I was going to like working in training because it was so different from what I was doing before.  Bus as I gained experience at work in training and while continuing all the modules I enjoyed it more and more and hope to keep working in training.
Eliane Guillemette, National Training Specialist, CFIA
This program has made a significant difference in delivery of coping strategies training to mental health clients.  It is very practical.  Once modules are set up the method of training is consistent and the evaluation component of the learning design allows the client to leave group with concrete evidence of learning.    
Theresa Straathof, Occupational Therapist, The Ottawa Hospital

Ottawa 2015

Fantastic learning and facilitators.  Really enjoyed how each module made the prior much clearer.
Dan Coghlan, Manager, L&D, Staples
A learning journey filled with must-have tools for any learning professional.  The end result is worth much more than the sum of its parts!
Maximilien L'Abbé, Cosmos Instructor, Foreign Affairs  
Loved the process & content.  Can be applied in any work environment.
Natalie Labelle, Clinical Coordinator (Education Team), Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario  
I am very pleased with the amount of information & skill that I have learned in this program.  I will recommend to anyone having anything to do with training.
Shelley Galbiati, Owner, Shelley Galbiati Consulting
This has been such a wonderful experience for me.  I have met some wonderful people and now feel like a well rounded employee.
Nathalie Girard, Learning Officer, WPDD, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
As someone who has been facilitating learning for many, many years, I greatly appreciated the style of facilitation provided by ... as well as their extensive knowledge.  My expectations have been greatly exceeded, both in the level of employment and the amount of learning.  Fabulous!
Maureen Gauci, Facilitator & Mediator, Maureen Gauci Mediation & Training
I will be suggesting that my colleagues complete the program.  This has been a career changing opportunity!
Gabrielle Alarie, Education Coordinator, Bruyere Continuing Care

Ottawa 2014

I never imagined to take a program and come out this confident, satisfied, and knowledgeable in the adult education field.  I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in being an adult educator.  Loved the program!!
Fatme Dayfallah, Canadian Food Inspection Agency   
I really enjoyed the content and structure of all the modules.  The entire program flows well and each module builds on the last.  There is also a chance to further develop the skills that we're being taught.  Fantastic experience.
Kory Goulais, Consultant, Stonecircle Consulting  
Loved this program!  All the pieces fit together and the modules built on each other in a logical and understandable way.  Plus, a really fun experience!  
Holly Melanson, Program Manager, Transport Canada
The knowledge, tools and strategies that I was given the opportunity to acquire will be extremely valuable as I transition towards the world of adult learning.  Thanks StFX!  p.s. I have fallen in love with experiential design!
Ginette Bedard, Performance Coach, Eminence Coaching and Consulting 


Halifax 2017

Very practical experience!  I started implementing my learning personally and with the team I manage right away.
Laurie McNaught, Manager, Learning & Development, Tangerine
Overall the program was done very well and will benefit all of us going forward.
R. Scott Veinot, NS TWTC Program Administrator, NS TIR
This program is exceptional!  It will be of benefit to anyone who engages with the process.  I would love to see this rolled out in academic settings: educators, social work and all graduate programs.
Libby Dean, Consultant & Researcher, Elizabeth Dean & Associates

Halifax 2016

The use of all modules' process and content will benefit our training/learning of philosophy in many practical ways.
Katie Dauphinee, HR Manager, The Berkeley
I think this program is the best financial investment I have made and I look forward to using the techniques and principles in my work.  Highly recommend this course.
Mallika Pathy, Organizational Development Consultant, Public Service Commission
Very pleased with the take away from attending this course.  I have learned valuable, applicable tools that I can use in my role right away.
Ashley Anderson, Manager, Regulatory & Professional Programs, Scotia Wealth Mgmt

Halifax 2015

The DipAdEd has given me a full arsenal of tools to develop, implement, deliver programs with the clients needs in the forefront.
Jim Jessome, Independent Contractor
Practical, real-life application that can be brought to any workplace.
Bernadette MacDonald, COO, Innovations Port Support Services
Excellent experience.  Feel prepared to embark on my journey in adult learning.  Excited to take my knowledge and jump right in!
Lisa Clements-Titcombe, Learning Coordinator, IWK Health Centre
All modules were executed professionally.  A consistent message was presented through all modules that helped me progress was "trust the process".  I also adhered to the TIP - "don't wait too long to do your assignments - at the very least create a draft".  Great advice!  Every module was executed on time and very well prepared.  Great safe learning environment provided.
Michael Davey, Learning Analyst, Irving
Diploma Adult Education is an adventure in challenging your own ability as a facilitator.  My words of advice are hold on for the ride, trust the process, enjoy the experience and tap into the expertise of the group, but especially the facilitators!!
Bernice Theriault, Independent Consultant/Facilitator
What an amazing experience.  Although some of the material was challenging I felt supported along the way and will be a better trainer as a result.  Thanks!
Jenny Cameron, Child Welfare Staff Training Social Worker, Dept of Community Services

Halifax 2014

The StFX adult learning modules have been the best learning experiences I have ever had.  All modules are applicable in the workplace and will benefit my career greatly.
Kim Guthro, Physician Performance Coordinator, College of Physicians & Surgeons of NS
I have had opportunity to take a variety of training programs over the past several years and wish the facilitators had used the ERGA cycle.  Doubt any had taken StFX program and would highly recommend it to anyone who delivers presentations and/or training.  Hands down was most useful training I have taken.
Jennifer Moore, Supervisor Staff Training, Dept of Community Services, Province
of NS

This program lived up to all the accolades that were expressed to me by trusted peers.  I loved the format!  Very practical and useful.
Michele Walsh, HR Advisor, Newfoundland Power