Testing Accommodations

Testing Accommodations:

Accommodations for testing are specified in documentation students submit to the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning when registering with our Program.  Testing accommodations can include providing extra time for testing (time and a half or double time), testing in a distration-reduced environment, use of a memory aid or work with a scribe. When it comes to accommodating extra time only a Faculty member can approve an extension to the accommodated time limit for tests/exams - beyond time and a half or double time as recommended. .

•    Other Accommodations:

  • Use of memory aids: Some students are recommended use of formula sheets, word banks or memory aids. Students must work closely with professors on the format and content of memory aids. Professors who have little experience with the use and effectiveness of memory aids often ask TCAL staff for advice on how to use these supports. Students must submit their memory aid to their professor for approval at least one week prior to writing the test or exam in which the memory aid will be used. The approved memory aid will be forwarded by the professor to the Tramble Centre staff who will make it available to the student at exam time.
  • Use of Calculators: Professors specify the make and model of calculator to be used on their tests.