Scheduling and Delivery of Tests/Exams


Test Scheduling:

  • To ensure the integrity of the testing process, tests and exams are scheduled at the same time as class. 
  • Students receiving extra time are permitted to schedule their extended time directly before class time - if they have a class directly following the scheduled test - so as not to miss class.
  • Students who receive time directly prior to the start of class must remain in the testing room until the end of the scheduled class time.
  • Students wishing to write at a time other than the scheduled period, must obtain professor permission.
  • During December and April exam periods, the Tramble Centre ends testing at 11pm.  Students are given the option of starting a 7pm-exam at 5pm to allow for full use of extended time.  To ensure the integrity and security of an exam, students must remain in the testing room until 8pm when starting a test earlier than the 7pm start time, .


Delivery of Tests/Exams:

  • Due to the volume of testing organized through our office, and because we use various venues across campus, we now require a test or exam to be delivered to us 1 business day in advance of the test
  • The following are the options available for the delivery of tests and exams:
    • Drop off at the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning, 108 Angus L Macdonald Library, Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm
    • Email the test to in the form of an attachment


Security Protocols:

  • All tests and exams are locked in a secure cabinet in a locked office upon delivery, where they remain until time of testing. The utmost attention is taken in maintaining the security and integrity of all tests/exams in our care.



  • Proctors hired by the TCAL undergo training to invigilate tests and exams.
  • Proctors are well versed in the rules and regulations set out by the university in the directive from the Registrar’s Offices which identifies how exams are to be conducted at StFX. Protocols specified in that document provide the foundation for test and exam protocols used by staff in the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning testing/exam rooms:
  • “Invigilation of Exams ... Handling Disruptions of Exams St. Francis Xavier University”


Third Party Testing:

  • Students registered with our Centre often write tests with a third party during the academic year. Students writing with a third party must clear testing centers and proctors with the Dean of their Program.
  • During Spring and Summer Intersession, all proctors are approved through Distance and Continuing Education as per their protocol outlined in the document “General Information for Proctors Continuing & Distance Education”, which is available from the Office StFX Distance and Continuing Education..