Thinking of dropping a course?

If you are feeling like you are not able to recover from a failing midterm or assignment, you are not alone. However, we want you to know that there may be options and additional considerations before you make it official and drop the course.
Before you drop a course:
1.    Talk to your professor, they are there to help.
2.    Do the math; it may still be possible to recover. Perhaps this midterm or assignment is only worth 10% of your final grade. Review your syllabus and insert the valuations you have.

 For example:    From a sample Syllabus (Please note not all grades are calculated with these percentages)
      Participation 10%
      Quizzes (3) 30%
      Term Paper 20%
      EXAM    40%

Your grades
   Participation ?/10
   Quizzes (3) = 14.3/30
        a.    36/100
        b.    59/100
        c.    48/100
   Term Paper 10/20
   EXAM    ?/40
•    If you assume 5/10 for participation, you need to achieve 20.7/40 or 51.75%on the final exam to pass with a 50 for the course. Do you still want to drop?

3.    Are there other academic implications?
      a.    Is this course a pre-requisite for a course you need to take next year? If so, have you discussed options with Academic Advising?
      b.    Is this a course required for your program? (example: progression requirement)
      c.    Would dropping the course prevent you from continuing in your program?
      d.    Dropping a course could put you slightly off track, what are your plans to pick up a replacement?

4.    Are there financial implications?
Do you have a scholarship or external funding that may require registration in a minimum number of credits?
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