What is the difference between Disclosing and Reporting?

  • Disclosures or reports of sexual violence received from students, which involve employees of StFX University as the alleged perpetrator, are required to be forwarded to the StFX Human Resources Department for follow-up and potential investigation under the applicable disciplinary process for employees.
  • Disclosing: Refers to a victim/survivor or a witness sharing information about an incident of sexual violence. Disclosure does not necessarily lead to reporting of the incident; reporting is a further step, and is generally at the option of the victim/survivor.
    • Anonymous Disclosure Form:
    • This tool allows students to make anonymous, confidential, and formal disclosures of campus incidents or concerns. This is not a formal report to be investigated and adjudicated. To make a formal report contact Student Life.
  • Reporting: Refers to a victim/survivor sharing information about an incident of sexual violence for the purpose of an internal investigation by StFX and/or an external investigation by the RCMP.