Are you a survivor of sexual assault?

WE BELIEVE YOU. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. It is your right to decide what resources you want to access and whether or not you choose to disclose and or report.


  • How to Disclose (Disclosing is to get support)
    • If you want to disclose and incident, but do not want to report and you only feel comfortable emailing you can email You can also just show up to the student life office and/or book a time to disclose an incident. If you want to file a formal report with Student Life that interview takes some time and therefore it is best to set up a meeting.


  • How to Report (Reporting is to have the University and/or the RCMP do an investigation)
    • If you want to report you can email at first, but eventually you will have to set up a meeting with student life. If you would like to report to the RCMP you can physically go into the detachment, located on 4 Fairview Road, Antigonish, and ask to speak to an officer or you can call the detachment at 902-863-6500 (link to map). You can also ask an employee of the Student Life Office to call the RCMP and have an officer meet you in the Student Life Office if you prefer.

For more information, please visit our Resources and Options page.