Reporting On-Campus

The Student Conduct Office

The Student Conduct Coordinator works to ensure that the St. Francis Xavier University Campus is a safe, positive and secure environment. They handle student conduct issues from both on and off campus. They work to ensure that all StFX Community Code infractions are adjudicated properly and to ensure the students involved receive an outcome that is fair and appropriate.

How to Report On-Campus

You can report an incident of Sexual Violence by:

  • Contacting a Resident Assistant or RA.
  • Calling Security at 902-867-4444
  • Going to The Residence Office and speaking with a Residence Life Coordinator or the Manager of Student Life. The Residence Life Office is located under Morrison Hall.
  • Going to the Student Life Office and speaking with The Student Conduct Coordinator or The Director of Student Life. The Student Life Office is located in 306 Bloomfield. (The SUB)

If you have decided to report you can:

  • Bring a friend
  • Bring a Counselor
  • Bring a Professor
  • Bring any support person you may want or need

What happens after you report.