Diversity Engagement Centre

Orange Shirt Day, September 30, is a day we bring awareness to the residential schools and the 150 000 Indigenous children in Canada who were forcibly removed from their families and sent away to these residential schools between the 1860s and 1990s. Indigenous communities across Turtle Island continue to experience intergenerational trauma resulting from these experiences at the hands of government and church officials. Children were forced to speak English or French instead of their ancestral languages, became disconnected them from their culture, endured all forms of abuse, all with the goal to assimilate them. The publication of the TRC in 2015 is a step towards reconciliation, bringing awareness to the wrongs done to Indigenous peoples and it has allowed for a better understanding and relationship to move forward and allow Indigenous peoples to heal. We are all TREATY PEOPLE. 

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The Diversity Engagement Centre at StFX is a space dedicated to enhancing the university's efforts to support traditionally underrepresented student populations on campus.  The three advisory offices serve as a support point for students who feel they need the ear of someone who has had similar lived experiences.

The Diversity Engagement Centre (DEC) is located on 4th floor Bloomfield and offers a positive environment for all students to experience and understand societal differences through open conversation, educational programming and social activities.


Indigenous Student Advising

African Descent Student Advising

Gender and Sexual Diversity Student Advising


African Descent Student Advising: Summer Joy Upshaw e: x2014gpu@stfx.ca 

Indigenous Student Advising: Terena Francis e: tfrancis@stfx.ca

Gender and Sexual Diversity Student Advising: Claydon Goering e: cgoering@stfx.ca

Human Rights and Equity Advisor: Megan Fogarty e: mfogarty@stfx.ca