Text Adoptions

NEW: There are now three methods of completing Textbook Adoptions:

Textbook Adoptions Online: by visiting mybooks. You will be prompted to login with your webfx username and password (do not use mesamis password). Once you have entered the site, click on the “My Books” option; you can then complete your Online Textbook Adoptions for each course you are teaching. If you do not require a textbook or CoursePack for the course(s) you are teaching, please indicate this using the same online Adoption process, however, under the drop down menu for ‘Required Material’, click on the ‘No text required’ option.

AVOID DELAYS - please read and apply the following:

  • Please, complete every space of the Add Textbook Adoption form for each course.
  • Please, provide as much information about textbooks as possible, including edition or year, and ISBN.
  • The term “Required” refers to a textbook which the student must buy and cannot do without. Otherwise, you are indicating to the student that this resource can be shared or the information can be obtained elsewhere, e.g. the library or the Internet.

Textbook Adoptions Email: At various points of time throughout the year and prior to ordering deadlines listed below, mass emails will be sent out to professors registered (via data in Banner) to teach a course(s) during the term in question. You will be asked to respond to the email listing your current textbook adoption requirements or "no text" OR to use the online form. You must still include all pertinent information if you choose to email including ISBN, title, year/ed, author, etc and required or optional status. Note, if you do not respond to the adoption request, a reminder will be sent to you within days of the Textbook Order due date (listed below).

Textbook Adoptions Hard Copy: you can follow the same due dates by delivering your Textbook Order in hard copy print format to us at the STFX Store in person (during regular business hours) or via campus mail. Again, be sure to include all pertinent information if you choose to make a hard copy including ISBN, title, year/ed, author, etc and required or optional status.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation in helping us to meet our ordering, and your teaching, deadlines.

Ordering Deadlines for each term are as follows

June 10th for Fall and Full Academic Year Terms
Nov 2nd for Winter Term
March 9th for Spring Term
May 4th for Summer Term