Guidelines and Tips


We have recently updated our order process to increase our efficiency. The new print order form must be completed for all job requests.


  • All print jobs require at least 3 days turn around
  • Electronic submissions are preferred and must be print ready
  • Files need to be the same size as the hardcopy output and ready to print
  • Please fully complete order forms so we can serve you more efficiently
  • In order to produce the best quality copies, it is recommended that originals always be used when photocopying


 Full-Colour and Black/White Printing and Photocopying

We can print from paper originals, directly from disk, USB drive, CD or e-mail -- it's your choice!

Electronic files such as JPEGs, PDFs or MS Word files should be high enough resolution to accomodate the expected hardcopy print. Please provide the highest resolution files possible.

Comb Binding

We offer black combs up to 2 inches thick (400 pgs) for this binding method.

Booklet Making

This option is a cost effective alternative to the binding options when a small to mid-size document is involved. The booklet is held together by two staples which appear along the spine of the folded pages of the document. Booklets are produced directly from the primary high volume printer without manual intervention and in rapid succession. A trimming option adds to the professional look of the booklet. Formatting into a booklet is not required prior to sending it to The Print Shop, single page format is preferred. Maximum pages for a booklet is 80 letter size pages.

Wide Format Printing

We have a new wide format printer to accommodate requests for banners, posters or other large format printing requirements. A wide format printing job requires extremely high resolution graphics files.

Course Packs

Although The Print Shop does print the course packs for students, they are ordered through the STFX Store. To order a course pack, please contact Karen MacEachern, the STFX Store Textbook Orders Clerk.

Contact The Print Shop at: