Student Research Ethics Guidelines

 Course-based Research and Research Ethics Guidelines

Some students will have an opportunity to do course-based research. When this occurs, students will work closely with the course professor to learn the relevance and importance of ethical conduct in research. If your research project involves collecting information from humans (such as, for example, by conducting interviews or using a survey), you will be required to prepare a research ethics application. Doing so will be part of your course work. As such, relevant forms and instructions will be provide to you by the course instructor. You will have the support of your professor to prepare and submit the application to the Department’s Ethics Committee. Because ethics approval is required for all undergraduate research with human participants, you cannot conduct your research until you have received the approval of the Department's Ethics Committee.


Honours Thesis Research and Research Ethics Guidelines

In accordance with Tri-Council policy, honours students who plan to do research with human participants must apply for ethics approval from the university's Research Ethics Board (REB). All forms can be found on the REB webpage: Your supervisor will oversee the development of your application and work with you to meet a deadline of late October (varies slightly from year to year). Once your application is reviewed by the department's Ethics Committee, the Chair of the Ethics Committee, on behalf of the honours student, will email the application, including an "Honours Cover Page," to the REB for approval. The REB does not wish to delay honours students' research, so every effort will be made to review these projects in an efficient manner. However, special attention will be paid to research projects involving high risk and/or particularly vulnerable groups of participants.